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You may download the Sector Publishing Intelligence RSS or Twitter feeds and view them for your personal use. Sector Publishing Intelligence currently publish headlines and summary text within our RSS feeds. You may also make an RSS feed available to third parties, users within an organisation you work for or users of a website that you publish, on condition that you comply with our website Terms & Conditions and that you:

• only publish the feed for access via a web-based browser.

• do not use or publish the feed as part of a paid for service or for other commercial gain.

• publish the feed as it is made available on Sector Publishing, so that you only include the headline and summary content, and ensure that the headline links back to the full text article on Sector Publishing

• attribute the feed to Sector Publishing Intelligence as “© Sector Publishing Intelligence Limited [year]”.

• do not archive the feed or any of its content.

If you have any feedback or enquiries regarding the RSS service, please contact us by email.

This Policy was last updated on 14th April 2011.