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We receive and publish news stories every minute of every day from the world's leading press agencies.

We also receive and publish news and press releases directly from companies and organisations all around the world.

Our publishing partners can access our systems to publish stories at any time of the day or night, confident that their stories will be available on the sites instantly.

Our exceptional search engine optimisation means that these stories will then be indexed by the major search engines within a just few minutes of going live.

Combined with our intelligent "related content" algorithms and intuitive page design, this means that new content can appear on thousands of pages across the site instantaneously.

Publishing on Sector Publishing Websites - FAQs

Can we publish content on SPI Sites?

Yes, publishers are welcome to contact us to discuss submitting articles for publication on any or all of our websites.

How can we submit articles to SPI Sites?

We are currently able to accept content submitted via rss / xml feeds

We are also developing a new publishers' interface to allow individual stories / press releases to be added directly by registered publishers.

What will it cost to publish our content on SPI Sites? ... Special Offer for Publishers ...

At present while we are in our "Beta Phase" we are able to set up new publisher feeds for a one-off fee. Click here to contact us for further information.

Beta Phase publisher feeds will be kept live free of charge for 6 months from integration.

After the free 6 months, publishers will be given the option to continue to use our services and purchase a Publisher Subscription to our sites.

Full details of the post-Beta Phase offering to publishers will appear on this site in July 2011.

How often will you publish our new content?

Publisher feeds are checked every 15 minutes for new content.

New content is added to the site within 15 minutes of being discovered on the feed.

When does the Beta Phase end?

The "Beta-Phase" will end when we launch our market report store in late July 2011.

Will you be making any changes to the site in the future?

During the Beta Phase we reserve the right to amend and improve the display and operation of the sites at any time without notice.

All changes to the sites during this phase will happen as part of our ongoing drive to improve the performance of the site and increase the exposure of the publishers' content.