Sector Publishing Intelligence

online news and market reports


Sector Publishing Intelligence publishes several large sector-specific websites that combine the best in news stories, press releases, corporate information and market intelligence reports.

Sector Publishing Intelligence offers 2 options for advertising on the websites.

Direct, site-wide advertising - for larger campaigns

  • Run of site ads can be placed on the sites.
  • Site "sponsorship" options for sites and sections are available.
  • CPM based campaigns at a fixed CPV rate are available.
  • Value-added opportunities are available; including section placements, rss and search sponsorship.

Advertising through Google Adwords - ideal for smaller or more specific campaigns

  • We offer 3 advert positions on each section of our sites.
  • You can bid for a specific location in a specific section of a site.
  • The campaigns can be managed view Google's Adwords system, with real-time reports, etc.
  • Text, image and video adverts are all accepted.